Wish I May, Wish I Might

Some of the things I have been dreaming about lately…

1. Road Trips.

I’ve been itching to go on a long drive with no particular destination in mind. It’s that time of year. Every spring I was in school, I would drive back to Arizona all the way from New York. This is the first year it won’t be happening. I’ll miss my cross-country escapades. They were lovely. Full of interesting cute little middle-of-nowhere towns and quality time with my car and my ipod. Le sigh.

2. Pretty Blue Nail Polish

I’ve been on a search for the past couple of weeks for the perfect shade. I’ve gotten close, but I’m still waiting for “the one”.

3. Sweet Little Bike

So truth: I only usually ride bikes when I’m at my cottage in the summers. And because of the long periods of time I am not riding bikes, I’m not terribly comfortable riding them anymore. But it’s something about the spring weather and my need to get away from the concrete that is making me want a bike so I can ride away to the beach or a park or at the very least a small patch of grass. I need a cute little vintage-y pastel-y bike for less than $50. That’s not unrealistic or anything, is it?

4. Labeled Kitchen Canisters

I’ve been wanting some cute labeled canisters for awhile now. I have seen a lot of sets with flour, sugar, tea and coffee. But I don’t seem to have a need for a tea one. First of all, we have way too much tea to fit into one little canister. And second, I want to use the canisters for what they’re labeled as. I know, silly, it’s just the stage manager in me I guess. I want a bread box, a cookie jar, and a canister each for flour, sugar, coffee, brown sugar,  and rice.

5. Vinyl Records

The boy has a record player, and I just recently bought my very own first record at a flea market in Florida for $2. It’s Willie Nelsons’ Stardust album (amazing) and one side is in pretty good condition. The other needs a cleaning. Now I’d love to add to my collection, starting with some more Willie Nelson, Jim Croce, and the Nighttiming album, recently introduced to me by the adorable Katie over at Skunkboy Creatures. She has some great music recommendations over there, not to mention some of the cutest creatures ever in her shop.

6. Books

I saw this new cover for Wuthering Heights at a bookstore last week and fell in love with it. This book has been on my to-read list forever and I actually downloaded it for my kindle a couple years ago, but still haven’t read it. I think it’s time. This cover has inspired me. And Catcher in the Rye, I keep hearing people talking about how good it is but never had a desire to read it until I picked it up in Urban Outfitters last week and read the first page. It’s definitely written in the kind of style that can hold my attention. I think I’ll give it a try. After Wuthering Heights, of course.

And, that’s all for tonight. It’s bed time. Kiss kiss love love!

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New lovely music

Today I discovered my “summer driving music” band. Train’s album “Save Me, San Francisco” is full of upbeat, happy music that makes me want to get in my car, iced chai in hand, roll down the windows, pump up the jams, and hit the road. I love it. There’s a bonus track called “Half-Moon Bay” and it was the song that pushed me to spend the $10 and buy the whole album. Two summers ago, I lived in Santa Cruz and driving home from work every day there was a sign for Half-Moon Bay right next to my exit for Santa Cruz. I never actually made it down to visit Half-Moon Bay that summer, but I love the name of the place and the sign always made me smile.

Previous favorite driving tunes have included Catch-22, The Hush Sound and Jack Johnson.

Amazing Clock


So the other day I found this clock that I simply must have for my kitchen!

It’s a kit cat clock! I was looking on ebay for a very different kind of cat clock that I think I dreamed up on my own when I stumbled upon this amazing clock. I’ve seen them before in movies and such, but completely forgot about them! The boy likes the black one, but I personally prefer the blue or red ones. Someday when I have some spare change and a steady job situation, this will be hanging on my wall, tail twitching and eyes rolling back and forth!

Another item I would love to have is a Skunkboy Creature! I’ve been following her blog for a bit now and I am in love with her little creatures. I went on her facebook page today to see all her pictures of the creatures she has made and sold in the past. So so adorable. Check it out for yourself here: http://skunkboycreatures.blogspot.com/

Ok, that’s all I have for today! It’s a snowday for me with this huge storm. I ventured out into the mountains of snow this morning for a dunkin donuts bagel and coffee. Now I’m in for the rest of the day since rehearsal was cancelled tonight. I’m glad I don’t have to venture into Manhattan tonight. Last night was killer. Hope you have a lovely, cozy and warm day as well!

Music Video Critique

So I just downloaded some new music from iTunes and one of the things I got was an EP album for $1.49 or something that has 3 tracks on it: Laura Bell Bundy’s Giddy On Up, Cigarettes, and the music video for Giddy On Up. It was an amazing deal, considering I would have paid a dollar each for the track and music video of Giddy On Up.

This is such a fun song. I don’t think you need to like or even have an appreciation for country music to enjoy this awesome video. The costumes, the dancing, the old western theme, and the fact that everyone looks like they had a BLAST shooting it makes it one of my all-time favorite videos. At the end, Laura sticks her tongue out at the camera and then starts laughing like she just can’t contain it anymore. So cute!

In typical old-school country style, the song is about a girl finding out her man has been cheating and kicking him to the curb. But it’s not serious or even really angry or angsty. It’s upbeat and fun and empowering. There’s a trick with her shooting a gun at him and all of his clothes (except his boxers) coming off. And in the end, she ties him up to her horse and rides off into the sunset with him dragging on the ground behind. Fantastic stuff.

Anyway, just thought I’d share! You should check it out. It’s good for a smile or two on a rainy day such as this. The video is on CMT.com as well, under Laura’s page or on the top 20 countdown.


It’s been awhile since my last post, but there is good reason! I was working on a 2 week long crazy but fun dance festival. At the same time, I was moving to the city! Well, we are now all settled in to our new home and we LOVE it! I was a little worried about finding a flaw in our dream apartment after moving in, but it’s been about 2 and a half weeks and it’s still so perfect! I love being so close to friends of ours. I went out with the girls yesterday morning for some thrifting and lunch and we had a great time. My boyfriend, Isaac, and I are very happy here.

Anywho, in honor of Valentine’s Day, the day of love, I thought I’d try my first picture blog of things I love! Enjoy, and have a beautiful day with your loved ones!

Mexican Food


Road Trips

Sun Flares

My Puppies:

San Francisco and the Cali Coast:

My Family:


My Cottage:

Cuddling with my love:

Project Runway and Exciting News!

Today I got 2 pieces of very good news. My boyfriend and I have been trying to find a 2 bedroom apartment in the city with another friend of ours. We fell in love with a place in Sunnyside and have been speaking with the landlady about it for several days now. Today she agreed to let us have the place! We sign the lease tomorrow and a week from today I am officially moving in! Yay!

I also got a call today from a fellow Purchase Stage Manager about an opportunity to be her assistant for a dance festival starting this weekend and going for 2 weeks. I’m totally psyched about this! It’s been awhile since my last dance event. They are always fast-paced, exciting, and a challenge.

Now, about Project Runway…I missed the premiere last week because I had a rehearsal in Manhattan that night. So I’m watching it now, before the second episode comes on. Here is my first question: If you are so emotional at the beginning of the first episode/challenge that you are crying because of all the stress…are you really going to make it through to fashion week? Probably not. Fashion is fun! Just express yourself and enjoy the process (while working like crazy to finish in time 😉 )

Second question: Why must there always be one designer who whines about the challenges or their ability (or lack there-of) to use certain colors/fabrics? You are a designer! In the words of Tim Gunn: Make it work! I can’t imagine a fabric that you can’t somehow make something of it. Some crazy and out there things have passed as brilliant design before. It’s all in how you use it. So stop whining, suck it up, open your mind and create something beautiful! Or go home.

I’m excited about this season, though. It’s great that they’re back in NYC. I can tell we’re in store for some fun new designs.

Happy Thursday!

Valentine’s Day

A good friend of mine just tweeted a negative article regarding the “corporate plot behind valentine’s day” and I felt I needed to comment on this. So I’m writing my thoughts here.

Of course we know most of the hype around Valentine’s Day is companies trying to make a major profit off of the need to be loved that all humans experience in some way or another. Is this good? No, not necessarily. But it’s not all bad either. Love is a beautiful thing, and despite what some people may think, we all need to to live a full and happy life. It’s occurred to me many times in the past few years that everyone’s greatest goal, whether they realize it or not, is to find someone to love and be loved by them in return. Maybe not even something to last forever, but we need that affirmation of the meaning of life that we feel when we look into the eyes of someone who truly understands and loves us.

How can a holiday that is specifically there to remind us to show our loved ones how much they mean to us be a bad thing? You don’t have to spend money to do this, and you certainly don’t have to spend a fortune. A handmade card, breakfast in bed, and a walk in the moonlight holding hands with the one you love most can be a perfect Valentine’s day, in my opinion. With our lives as busy and crazy as they are these days, we might need a little reminder once a year to show some love to the people in your life. Just one day to stop focusing on your needs, your financial trouble, your job, your worries and put all your energy into the relationships that make life worth living.

So I think anti-Valentine’s people should rethink their position and give Valentine’s day another chance. After all, corporations make money on all holidays but that doesn’t make them any less meaningful and fun!

And a holiday that encourages the consuming of chocolate is always ok in my book! 😉


So my show just ended and now I’m working on moving into an awesome new apartment. What this has meant for me is lots and lots of online shopping time! Shopping for moving trucks, shopping for furniture and accessories for the new place, and as always, a little shopping for me too! Now I feel I should share the things I have discovered recently.

1. Ideeli.com – AWESOME deals on great clothing, jewelry, accessories and other things. There’s new auctions added several times a week and you have about 2 days to shop. I fell in love with CD Designs jewelry just yesterday through their auction. Right now there’s some cole haan and isabelle fiore items up there that I’m drooling over.

2. Gilt Groupe – Most people have probably heard of this by now, but they also have fantastic deals. Designer clothing and other items for sale at discounted prices. Not sure how often they update their stock, but it’s a cool place to check out.

3. BIG NYC – If you live in the NYC area, check out Build It Green NYC in Astoria. They have materials saved from renovations or businesses closing and whatnot and sell them at a super discounted price. They have a lot of sinks, toilets, light fixtures and wood BUT they also occasionally have something great, like this overstuffed blue arm chair I’m in love with for $40.

4. Bluebird Vintage – I have a new fascination with vintage items, whether it be furniture, clothing, or household items. I’ll definitely be hitting up some flea markets when we move. Bluebird Vintage has a great blog I love to read where Miss James lists pretty things that make her happy, mixed tapes for every month, and things that inspire her (which often inspire me, too).

5. Craigslist FREE – Ok, so this isn’t a new discovery really. But I have found some lovely things up lately. There was this amazing matching bedroom set from what looked to be the late 70’s/early 80’s. Wooden dresser and bed frame with headboard and a large bureau, all for free and waiting for me to pick it up and take it home. Sadly, my boyfriend hated it so I had to let it pass to someone else.

Also, since it is now 2010, I feel some resolutions are in order. There are some things I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. Like seriously learn about cars, especially my car, so I can fix the little things myself and know what’s wrong before I take it to a shop. I feel that there is something totally empowering about knowing more about cars than the average guy when you’re a petite little girl with designer purses and bright nail polish.

Another resolution for me is to start making the clothes I dream about but have not yet been created for the mass market. Sometimes, after shopping and reading fashion blogs for hours, I can’t get clothing designs out of my head when I close my eyes to go to sleep. It’s maddening, because I can’t draw at all and I can’t just make them all immediately, so there’s no way to get it out of my system except wait till it stops. But I feel if I take it one project at a time, and try desperately to remember all of my sewing lessons, maybe I can do something with all these ideas. But first I need a cheap sewing machine….

While I’ve been doing a bit of writing here and there my whole life, I feel that 2010 is the year to make things happen. Maybe write once a week a short story or chapter or just whatever so when it comes time for NaNoWriMo in the fall, I’m ready to participate for the first time ever.

I’ve been trying to eat a bit healthier this year as well. That doesn’t really go along with my new addiction to dark chocolate or my lifelong love affair with wine. But I’ve been eating more yogurt already, and more fruit (which I LOVE). I need to find a gym when I get a job. I miss my light workouts. They definitely help improve my mood if i’m not feeling well or having a bad day.

And lastly, though this contradicts the resolution above a little, I am going to try to bake something delicious once a week. It’s been chocolate chip cookies recently, but I want to try out some different muffin things and scones and fun stuff like that.

2010 is going to be a busy year! But I’m excited. I think it’ll be a good one.

This whole blogging experience… (plus some other ramblings)

Being new to the general blogging experience, I looked up a few tips on beginning. They (the more experienced bloggers) insisted on the importance of having a unique and customized theme, your own domain name (or something), and writing about things your readers are interested in. I thought about these tidbits of advice, and even looked into putting them into practice. But as it turns out, it is way more difficult than I thought. SO! For now, this is my theme and this is my domain name and I’ll write about the things I find interesting and hope my readers (should I someday have any) feel the same.

About the theme, I like the one I chose alright. I’d love to have a pink one, but the pink one on here has butterflies on it and they are on my top 5 fears list. My boyfriend has made some awesome designs on photoshop, but I have no clue how to make them into a background or whatever. CSS is gibberish to me. So someday I hope to correct these things, but for now, ta da! Here is my shiny new blog.

Ok, moving on to more fun topics. I’m not sure how brand name dropping goes on here, but I have to share my new fascination for Bumble and Bumble hair products. As soon as I have some spare cash, I’ll be heading into Manhattan to visit their salon and get some styling tips and products to play with. I especially love the thickening spray. While I have medium textured hair (not too thick, but definitely not thin), I’ve read good things from top stylists and I have to trust their opinion on such matters.

Another new obsession is designer handbags. I can always find a cute new bag at target or kohl’s, but after a recent visit to Bag Borrow or Steal, I can’t stop thinking about the beautiful and expensive bags I can rent and return when I get bored. I guess I might have some weird commitment issues, so the idea of being able to love a purse then return it for a new one when I get bored is like a dream come true. For those of you who are thinking “where the heck have you been? didn’t you find out about that ages ago in the sex and the city movie?” Your answer is yes, yes I did. But I was, umm, busy. So I forgot to actually look this place up until a few weeks ago. Now I am addicted.

Ok, time to get my beauty rest. More soon!

P.S. – Please please PLEASE feel free to write me with any fashion finds or fun stories of your own!